Enter date of birth and know age by year, month, day, hour in just 1 minute

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Age calculator 

Age is often required by students while filling various examination forms. Age Calculator is a tool that lets you calculate someone’s age, date of birth, wedding anniversary, you can do any calculation google how old am I how old am I


What is Age Calculator | What is an age calculator?

Age Calculator is an online tool that helps you know someone’s age. You just need to enter their date of birth and the calculator will calculate their current age in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.


Benefits of age calculator | Benefits of Age Calculator

Accuracy: Age calculators provide accurate results, ensuring that important decisions such as medical treatment or legal proceedings are based on correct age information.
Time saving: Age calculators can determine someone’s age quickly and easily, saving time and effort that is required to calculate the age manually.
Convenience: Age calculators are available online or through mobile apps, making it easy to access them from anywhere and anytime.
Versatility: Age calculators can be used for a variety of purposes including personal use, health care, education, human resources and legal proceedings.


Enter your date of birth. Choose how you want to calculate age:

  • Years, months, days
  • Months, days
  • Weeks, days
  • Total days
  • total hours
  • Total minutes
  • Total seconds
  • Click on “Calculate” button.
  • Your age will be shown in the results.

Some examples of using age calculator:

  • To determine your own age.
  • To determine the age of your child.
  • To determine the age of a friend or family member.
Age Calculator: Enter date of birth and know age Click here

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